International Pilgrim Center

DSC_3014We hope you enjoy this selection of photographs inside the Church of the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena. Pilgrims Center which is attached to the Sanctuary. Views from the Sanctuary and the town of Mugnano del Cardinale.

The International Pilgrim Center is situated within the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena in the town of Mugnano del Cardinal, Avellino, Italy. It is the Spiritual home to all Saint Philomena devotees throughout the world. All contributions, that are so generously made, to the “Pilgrim Center” are used exclusively for the support and operating costs of the Sanctuary. Please consider making a donation so that the work of the “Sanctuary” may continue to make a wonderful difference in the lives of our St Philomena” devotees under the guidance of our “Wonder-worker St. Philomena” The sacred relics of St. Philomena were moved from Rome to the Church of the Madonna of Grace located in Mugnano del Cardinale in the year 1805.That same year the “Sanctuary of St. Philomena” was established at the church and from the very beginning this location quickly became a place of pilgrimage.

Her reputation quickly spread and devotees of the Saint flocked to her shrine in order to pray before the relics of the little Virgin Martyr and Wonder-worker. Miracles and wonders became the order of the day! Saints and Blessed, Kings and Queens, Princes and paupers came to invoke the intercession Wonder-Worker. St Philomena’s most illustrious pilgrim was Blessed Pope Pius IX, who celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at her Altar on November 7, 1849. The Ven. Pauline Jaricot ( founder of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith) who was gravely ill and on deaths door undertook a pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Philomena in 1835 and was miraculously cured of her fatal heart condition. The reigning Pope himself bore witness to this incredible miracle.


A 30-year restoration program was begun by the present Rector, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi, and is now nearing completion. Not only has the beautiful Sanctuary Church been sympathetically redecorated but a comfortable pilgrimage centre has also been created for the spiritual life of the Sanctuary. We are now able to provide accommodation for devotees who wish to spend time at the Sanctuary visiting with and contemplating the life and wonders of St Philomena. This Pilgrim Centre is really more like a home than a hotel. All rooms are well appointed, clean and have en-suite bathrooms. Family rooms, double and twin rooms are available, however single rooms are limited.

bedroom-cardinal-3An elevator provides easy access to some floors. Food is served in the spacious refectory and is of a particularly high standard and giving visitors an excellent opportunity to experience authentic Neapolitan cuisine. The Refectory (dining room) is situated on the first floor and tea and coffee can be made at any time. All meals are served within the refectory at the following times: Breakfast 08.00 – 09.30 Lunch 13.00 Dinner 20.00 There are three lounge areas within the Sanctuary on each floor. The main lounge is situated on the first floor beside the refectory where you can relax.

There is also a garden area accessed from the Refectory with the main access from the third floor. A special feature of this floor is the fashion in which the rooms have been designed and built around the dome of the Sanctuary and the marvellous view of the church that is available via the windows that into the church. The suite on the fourth floor has direct access to the roof where the views of the surrounding area both unique and amazing. One can actually walk around the top of the dome and still have a wonderful view of the garden below.